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I used to be an ardent Android user, but made the switch to iOS a few years back. I did this mostly to try out the Apple Watch, but I’ve stayed due to the strong developer ecosystem and seamless integration between devices (both mine and my partner’s).

  • iPhone XS: Although this is great phone, there isn’t particularly rave worthy about it. The camera is excellent, though I don’t love that the way it sticks out the back. Touch ID as an unlock mechanism would also be nice (especially when wearing face masks).
  • Macbook Pro, 15-inch 2019: This is my main work device laptop. The larger device was great for mobile development, but I plan to downsize to a 13 inch model as I don’t need the same power anymore. At work/home I usually dock it in anyways, so I wouldn’t miss the larger screen.
  • Apple Watch Series 4: The Apple Watch is my favourite Apple device by far. It’s health features are very convenient, and it’s app ecosystem is excelent and growing. I’m excited to see if it could replace my phone in a few years.
  • iPad Air: This is the most recent addition to my Apple family. I’m still getting into the grove of using it, and I mostly use it as an entertainment device. I’m glad it has an USB-C port, and I wish more of my other devices would follow suit.
  • Kindle Oasis: This is my third Kindle. I upgraded from the Paperwhite due to the adjustable warm night light, which makes it a lot nicer to read at night. The OS recently got an upgrade to support Dark mode, which I’ve enjoyed as well.
  • Custom PC (retired): I’ve switched to a new SFF PC, so I don’t use this anymore, but it was a great PC that lasted me almost a decade.


  • Airpods Pro: The Airpods have never fit me very well, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Airpods Pro had a different fit. They’re not as nice as my Bose headphones, but they’re very easy to keep charged, convenient to use with Apple devices and do a decent job at noise cancelling.
  • Bose QuietControl 30: I’ve owned these for many years now, and they were my primary headphones until the Airpods Pro. They fit better than the Airpods, but they’re bulkier to carry, so I mostly use them for flying and travelling. It looks like Bose has stopped making these, so if I need to replace them, I might try their newer QuietComfort Earbuds.
  • Bose SoundSport wireless: I’ve gone back and forth between these and the Bose Sport earbuds. Both come with in a shark-fin style that fits my ears a lotter better than Airpods. The SoundSport is a bit easier to run around the city, and it’s harder to lose during a run.


I lose items very easily, so I try to carry as little as possible.

  • KeySmart Pro: Great at organizing many keys. I wish I didn’t have so many keys to carry, but living in rental apartment means I end up needing 3 keys on me. The Tile integration is a nice bonus, I’ve been paranoid about losing my keys since I lost a set a few years ago.
  • Bellroy Card Sleeve: Perfect for holding a small number of cards and some cash. I try to use Apple Wallet for payments wherever possible, but not all places accept NFC payments, and NFC transactions are usually capped at $100.
  • Dsptch Key Chain: I loved the Key Piece from Outlier. Unfortunately it’s rarely in stock, so I had to improve when I lost my set. The Dsptch set is great replacement, but it has quite a bit of extra bulk on it. I’ve modified mine quite a bit to trim it down to just the essential pieces I need.
  • iPhone Wallet Case (retired): This is a great case, but it gets in the way of wireless charging.

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